Zombies Walk Daily

Photo Credit: Yohann Libot at Unsplash.com

Go to any business, walk in, and notice the avatars that are emotionless. In their uniforms, killing time, waiting for the clock to tell them to go home. I was once a zombie, clocking in and clocking out, and reporting to my superior whom was under the same time laws ordained by the clock.

People who are working on their dreams, I have noticed, are living enthusiastically, more likely to be friendly, and happier. Why? Because they’re not living within the same boundaries or paradigm as is someone that is not striving towards theirs dreams and destiny.

Beware of their vicious virus: laziness and slothfulness. It is contiguous and deadly to your dreams. Instead come to know people who are actively striving to become better at their craft, their business, their trade, etc.

Sometimes you have no one in common that relates to your abilities or passion. Your only resort may be to study people, through books, that have achieved greatness through similar lines of your passions.

Despair not, although you might be working in some worthless job, have hope. Expand and pull yourself into actions that will open up new realities. People that are willing to go through the pains of learning and setbacks of life increase their pontential drastically, and magically Luck comes into play.

There’s nothing else that makes me happier than writing. Writing is an out of this world experience, for me, and it’s important that you find yours. Sadly the majority would rather have their eyes shut, stay asleep, and walk like zombies. The grave is not where you will find zombies, zombies walk day and night refusing to walk out their destiny.

Check out the “Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Turning Trails Into Triumph”.

This book helped me through many trails in my life. To put it in Marcus Aurelius words, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way“.

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