Wrestling With Invisible Powers Of The Air

Have you ever had a heavy feeling upon your shoulders? Have you ever felt your mind fogged up, not able to think or have clear thoughts, and not able to make a decision?

Welcome to the veiled arena of the Invisible Powers of the air, where perception and seeing beyond physical circumstances is crucial. The unseen is ruler of the physical. Anything in the physical world was birthed from the unseen. The dawn of your problems and circumstances are originated from the unseen. Don’t take it by surprise that these unpredictable factors take a stand in your life because these factors happen to every man and women around the world. From the least to the greatest, no one is exempt from the invisible powers of the air.

The evil powers of the air are only here to kill, steal, and destroy. Mercifully, there’s a greater power whom is stronger than any number of powers on Earth. Logos sends his servants from his high tower to hearken unto the cries of the children of Light. He saves those who love him and do his will.

Where the battle is fought is in your Spirit, by standing still and knowing that Logos hears your petitions of deliverance. Standing your ground against the invisible attacks that are manifested in your life. Praying without ceasing is key and proclaiming Logos sword of the word over your life. Victory is quickened with faith and victory is at hand by the grace of Logos. Triumph is yours, fear not and go in peace.

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