Works By Hands Are Dead A Greater Power Is Needed

Many of us, regular people, simple people, strive and toil for the good things in life: Nice homes, cars, clothes, goods, etc. We are taught that in order to have a good life, we need to finish school, get good grades, graduate at the top of our class, go to a good college, and the list goes on.

We go through life following these mediocre rules that lead us into destruction of our own disappointments. Although we go through all this strive, there’s a hidden gem that is building up, like a diamond being formed within the depths of a mountain, that once it’s found, the power is life altering.

The Gem, being created, is a Life form that exceeds all disappointments and failures. Life is in your blood, and is most precious to the creator of the universe, the heavens, the stars, and earth. Life is your spirit which sustains the blood and body. The spirit is the Gem which is most holy to the Creator, Omni present God, and if it is not wasted in strives and toils, like mentioned above, although given to the Most High it is the determining factor between life and death in all areas of your life.

Now the next thing I’m about to mention is where 99.99 percent of all humanity fails, which is to have faith in relying on the Most High, Mighty Master. Just as the one of the Books mentions, faith is seeing those things that are not, as though those things were.

I have come to realize in my life that I am at the mercy of the Master Builder of the universe, and there’s nothing I can do physically to change my state, written in the stars, unless I pray without ceasing to the Master of our lives.

I don’t believe in positive thinking or mantras, I do believe in a higher power that can alter my life in an instant by praying to the one who knew my substance before the world was created, rather than repetitive mantras.

You will literally know when God’s hand will be upon your life because the works done will be impossible for man but possible for God, the Ultimate Power. So pray without ceasing for you will never know, what his will is unless your pray without ceasing along with works done in faith.

A way, not the rule, to know that you’re out of the will of the Master when doing works is when you start to acknowledge the prize or the gain that you will receive at the end. When you seek gain for your life, I guarantee you that God is not with you. We are to do his will not ours, although that doesn’t mean that the Master will not take care of you, for his ways are higher than ours. You might seek riches in terms of monetary when you’re out of the will of the Master, while he is willing to give you a kingdom by doing his Holy will.

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