Unseen Forces

It’s in front of our faces and we feel it in our hearts, the unseen forces are all over. Just look at our features as a Man, look at the features of nature. It’s undeniable that an unseen God created all these manifestations.

Think of those things that are invincible, like, our thoughts, mind, words, the sounds we make, etc.

Then is this where we get hidden truths? The spirit within is our source of power. Our bodies draw its strength from the source, the spirit. So watch people, for example, how their energy levels are seen just by their way of talking or their physical posture. Only if they new the power they have within. Hope is within, power and night is within. Claim yours, say to yourself “I love you, your name, and I forgive you”. First heal yourself with love and forgiveness then state what you desire.

We are spirit; Our work, our actions, are feelings are all SPIRIT! Although most people don’t know how to be spirit being because they are too engraved to their physical life, carnal mind and body.

Stepping forward, to write, not just for me but for mankind. To open the hearts of man and help reach higher levels of life. Nothing is ever certain. Your actions and striving for emotions that are beyond human comprehension is predictable, and that’s all you need for a satisfied life.

End the striving for material goals and place yourself to help humanity as a whole and all the material things eventually manifest. We all want the good things of life because that’s what been programmed to achieve, we forget that we must help each other to reach the top, not by stepping over one another.

In order for a change in life, our hearts must open to the possibility of the unseen world, and how we can help from the unseen. How so? By taking action while believing it exist, and expecting help. Removing the belief that the end goal is materialistic achievements. We must go higher, our calling is much higher. What issues does mankind need help on? What new technology will uplift humanity? Etc. You see, we all have a great calling. As soon as you’re on your path, calling, the material things manifest automatically.

We can only work with our hearts towards God’s will and believe that God hears us. Our faith in our work for humanity is the faith of God. For our strength is not enough to change our life and we’ll being, we need divine help. With divine help all things are possible. Recognize your abilities and go forth in faith. Altruism is key in all endeavors. Altruism is the door for opportunities and the door to higher heights heights of love and prosperity.

When interacting with other souls, have sympathy and understand them, for you are connected with you gem in a way that is unseen. Fear not, for Love conquers all things. Love conquers trials and poverty. Although, poverty should not be familiar. For God wants all his children, of love and light, to prosper in all their ways.

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