The Successor And The Tiger

No matter where you are in life, life will pressure you into opportunities that will make you make a decision. Depending on the decision you make will determine your life’s path. Meanwhile your daily decisions also are a force paving your life’s road. But most importantly a higher power is always at work and can help you if you ask.

The Warrior And The Tiger Story (fictional story):

There was a tribe, within many tribes, in the northern part of Asia and this tribe was the smallest tribe compared to the surrounding clans: This tribe was the smallest in stature, strength, and numbers. Each tribe had a king and each king had a successor, and each king needed to groom their successor to take over the thrown and tribe. All the successors went through a series of learnings and teaching, which included studies of the stars, navigation, nature, war, hunting, etc. The Successor in the smallest tribe had determination and the ability to perceive, along with spiritual abilities.

Every ten years the tribes had a competition, a race across the plain valley, starting from a high hill top. Each chose their successors as their representatives. Now there was a year of preparation and mostly all successors chose their own style of training. Mostly all the succors focused on physical abilities, like running and physical strength. The Succors trained differently, he would consult his spiritual guide, the creator of all things, the celestial movements, weather, environment, and his unconscious mind.

There was no rules of how to get to the end of the valley. The Successor understood that the was no match to all the other representatives. The Successor was smaller in stature, weaker in strength, and did not have the stamina to run long distance. The young warrior knew that the probability of winning were not in his favor, and the pressure to win grew daily as the event got closer. Then young warrior realized he needed help from a higher power, which is why he would consult his guide and nature. Then he noticed a phenomenon in his mind, he noticed a shift in his spirit which was his awareness of the unseen presence of his guide.

That night the young warrior had a bizarre dream, A golden tiger appeared to him in his dream. The Golden Tiger charged at him in the valley where the event would take place, and the young warrior also confronted him and went for the attack with a golden spear. As soon as the tiger and warrior collided, they became one and his physical body was bigger, his hands and feet got twice as big, he became taller. The warrior woke up from his dream and felt different. He realized that he no longer was the same. He realized that His God was with him. The warrior believed and it changed him to become the man in his dream. Now the day came for the grand race.

A bright snowy day set the temple for the race. The same day all the representatives walked up the high hill. The race started by a marksmen shooting a fiery arrow into the air and as soon as hit the ground, all the warriors began to run down the valley. The terrain was tuff, full of bush and thick grass, so the warriors ran down. The valley was narrow and ruff. All of sudden it began to rain down on the warriors. From the audience point of view, they could keep track of all the representatives every movement. On the very top of the hill they noticed a yellowish figure charging the warriors. Within seconds the figure caught up with a warrior that was in the last position, the yellowish figure leaped on him and ended him. Then he went on to the next, and to the next. Finally the young warriors were aware that there was a predator, a tiger, chasing them down one by one. Now it came to pass that each person was taken down and with total shock by the audience, the young Successor was the only one left. The young Successor turned around and noticed that everybody was gone. A courages feeling came up within him and took over him. Suddenly the tiger was coming at him and he, the Successor, started charging towards the tiger as well. The young Succor immediately broke a branch and sharpened it with a sharp rock. Now the the young warrior was cornered and ready to die if necessary because he was only one left of all the representatives. Little did he know but the tiger had the higher ground and was about to leap on him. The young Successor turned around and fell to the ground after hearing tiger roar. He held his spear up and held it down with his body as the tiger jumped on him. The spear punctured the tiger but the tiger was not dead although it was wounded. The struggle continued as the audience on the other side of the valley stared in fear and without hope for the young Successor. The tiger and the young Successor wrestled on the ground. Finally the young warrior took his spear and penetrated it in the tigers heart and while they locked into each others eyes, as the beast died, the tigers spirit became one with the young warriors spirit. The young warrior immediately felt stronger and wiser. The young warrior skinned the tiger, and used the tiger’s fur for warmth and protection from the piercing weather from the mountain side. After the victory was over against the tiger, the young warrior left the valley from the race and met his audience and with amazement the the audience was dumb founded because they the could not explain what they had seen from their point of view. What they saw was the the tigers spirit enter into the the young Successor’s body and immediately the the young Successor became illuminated with bright glowing light. No one dared to tell the young warrior, due to fear of ridicule by everyone else that was present. So no word was spoken and a new champion was declared. Many loved and fallen representatives were taken away that day of the race by the tiger. But hope was in the horizon. A new champion was declared and his next stage was already in preparation because the people wanted him as King over all the clans within the land.

Little did the young warrior know, but one day the warrior was sleeping the and the head of the tiger fell upon his head and the young warrior went into an altered state of all knowing knowledge of animals, weather patterns, and hunting skills. He could feel his body physically changing, his bones becoming bolder, his muscle growing three times bigger, and his stature growing by two feet. The people in the clan were dazed by his amazing appearance. The Successor remembered his dream and realized it in his physical life. The Successor understood that a higher power is always at work and can help you if you ask.

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