The Spirit And Voice Of God

The Spirit Of God

The Holy Spirit is like the wind, ever precious and energizing, lifting your spirits up while feeling its power. The Spirit is like the wind that hovers over waters, land, air, over holy nations, governments, and people.

The Spirit of God cannot be grasped by physical hands, machinery, or any type of technology. The Spirit may only be invited by a true heart that has opened its door to its inner most chambers of the heart, a holy heart. The Spirit only understands spiritual truth and spiritual worship.

Knowledge and wisdom is the Spirits attributes, and the Spirit does not lie although the Spirit exposes all lies. Lying to Spirit of God is disrespectful and shameful. If someone dares to lie the Spirit of God, death may be the end of someone’s life.

The Spirit of God is gentle and mightily powerful, his vessels stand still and have Godly character.

Hearing The Holy Spirit

Hearing the Spirit of God is simple, yet his voice can easy be over blocked off by our emotions, circumstances, feelings, financial problems, sin in our life, and so on. His voice speaks to your heart and you hear with his ears. What I mean is, the Spirit of God speaks to your conscious mind, therefore it’s in the form of having your own thoughts although they are not your thoughts but God’s thoughts towards you. This is the closest to hearing God audibly.

The Quality Of God’s Voice

Understand this brother in faith, the quality of God’s voice is never doubting or rejecting. The only time Christ will rebuke and reject someone, is when the judgment day comes and says “depart from for I never knew you”. How terrifying is that? Those very words shake my whole being into a state of faintest while my body collapses into having the fear of the Lord.

Gods voice is a calling to repentance and a calling to do his Will on earth just as it is in heaven. His voice, the Spirits is as a whisper that can be heard by the holy vessels here on earth.

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