The Lonely Road

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Run the opposite direction, don’t follow the masses. Keep pushing and keep moving towards your dream with your whole being. Give it your all, make your space submit to your will. If you’re going to work, work towards your dreams. Create a new path to your success! Why rerun to the path of someone else? It’s better to create your own kingdom than to imitate someone else’s.

Overwhelm yourself with work in regards to your destiny. Excite your days with constructive actions to build a new path of success. Energize your hands with movements that chisel your craft. Man and Woman wake up, take hold of your mind, body, and soul and launch into greatness.

Push through your negative emotions with positive actions. If it’s writing keep writing. If running keep running, etc. At times the only thing that will be willing to be a friend is the process it takes to achieve your dreams. Success is lonely road. Friends and family only support you when you’re succeeding and criticize you when you’re failing. Friends and family are allies when the planets are aligned and the worst foes when seeking help.

I’ll repeat it once more, success and greatness is a lonely road. The people watching you take the narrow path to success will charge you with words of despair and hopelessness because the narrow road is for people on TV and the characters in books. Sanity is striving towards your dream/destiny. Insanity is refusing to work on your dreams. You’ll notice, if you pay close attention, who has a sounded mind and who doesn’t.

One of the best books I have ever read on self-mastery is “Mastery” by Robert Greene. Check it out by clicking on the following image.

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