The Guide That Never Fails

Who is shedding light for your feet? And do you know the path that you’re in: Is it a divine or worldly?

Many worldly unseen powers come in a deceiving disguise of the true light. The false light always makes you feel that you lack the things of life, e.g.: money, power, riches, women or men relationships, cars, or bigger houses. Unfortunately, the false light puts you in a state of want and lust for the perishable things of the world.

Walking out the path of divine light, you lack nothing and all the goods things of life are freely given, without toil or strife. The Master, your guide, only desires your thankful heart, praise and worship of his goodness, kindness, and mercy. Anything else besides the former is a form of religious rites and rituals that mean nothing.

The Master guide leads all his children of light through peaceful trails, even in uncharted wilderness, the path of your every step is guided. The exterior view of the wilderness may be in distress and chaos may be its course, although be bold and courageous for Master has overcome the world.

The Master will bless you for being in the divine path. Unfortunately this will stir jealousy and envy within the hearts of those that belong to the false light. Don’t worry the Master will protect you, and blind and confuse those that mean harm to you physically or spiritually.

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