The Greatest Phenomenon

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When you’re desperate, when you hit rock bottom, and continue to take action, the craziest phenomenon happens. The source of your power is accessible. This phenomenon doesn’t happen by sitting around or wasting your time. It’s birthed when you’re striving for greatness even if you don’t see changes in your physical life. Although, you’re building up some electrical form within the unseen. When this electrical form has matured, the same actions you have been taking start to manifest greatness.

This is what people call Luck: though it’s your mind, heart, and Spirit that become one with the Divine, and a powerful phenomenon is birthed.

You don’t ask for it. You don’t pray for it. It’s expressed through your actions, and the world bends and reacts due to your cause.

Although always keep on eye on your ego. Egos will be blinded by materialistic things, flattery, and a sense of safety. It’s vital to see the world as it is. The world is cruel and the its nature is vicious. Beware of the high that you get after you achieved a little success, it stunts you from moving forward and getting to your next glory. This “moment” can be deceiving, it’s a comfort that must be controlled and watched at all times.

You either stand still and waste the limited borrowed time on Earth or you use this time to live the best life and help others along the way. So get up and run your race of life, God speed!

Check out “The 48 Laws of Power” By Robert Greene. This book helped me understand the unwritten rules that world uses. Click on the image below, to get a copy.

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