The Few And Mighty

Where are the few and the tenacious people that know there’s more to life, more to their daily activities, more than their emotions and limited mindset.

The “few” have hope and believe that they can change their circumstances, although they may not know how. The “few” fear laziness and stupidity, the “few” understand that comfort and success are death traps to their continual growth. The fruits of the lazy person is argumentative and slothful. The automatic actions of the “few” are seers and perceive life with opportunity all over and around the world.

The Story of the Few And Mighty:

There was a son born from a family that been in the immigration farm work for three generations. The son was one of the “few”. The son had thoughts like, “why I was born into this family?”, “why am I judged for being a son of a farm workers?”, “who am I?” etc. The son had many questions that challenged his identity. The son grew up and saw many of his older cousins following the same footsteps of their parents, the older cousins became farm workers; identical to their parents the cousins became farm workers. The son refused to be like his parents. The son would dream of being someone great one day, but was always confused of the person who he would become. Although in his heart, a fiery sensation grew stronger and stronger, year by year, and the older he grew the stronger his feeling grew along with his confusion on exactly what he would become. One day the son had an experience, some might call it a “spiritual” experience, and the experience marked him for life. The mark in his life was so great that He (son) began to look into strange and fearful books to expand his mind, soul, and spirit. The son walked a lonely life along the lonely road in this life. The son no longer could talk to his kin because his kin were stuck in the cycle of laziness and stupidity by embracing comfort and a pinch of success; The results by talking to his kin would bring fear and hostility, the son’s wisdom and knowledge was falsely claimed as sorcery. The people around him, and those closes to him, could not understand him or his wisdom, the son understood that he was not from earth and neither was his wisdom.

When the son reached his early thirties, the son eyes became open and greater understanding was his gift. He perceived other people that were marked like him which is why he understood that him and the “few” are mighty and are chosen to change the world to higher prosperity and higher levels of love. The son understood that him and “few” are here on this planet to provide wisdom and knowledge for this generation and the next to come.

Someone does not choose to be one of the “few”, although someone knows he/she is one of the “few” and mighty.

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