The Door of Paradise

Only the “few” are looking for answers, the “few” are looking for a way out. A way out from the 9 to 5 job. A way out to able to live a life of freedom, and not bound by time and obligations set by someone else.

The majority get in line, the majority get back in their place and they know their place, which is fine by me because they are easy to persuade and manipulate. Although the “few”, I want to work the “few” because the “few” have made the decision that they do not want to become like the majority.

The “few” find or eventually find the door to paradise. Once you step through the door life is never the same, stepping through the door you automatically make a 180 degree turn. You might ask, “Which door is the door of paradise?”. There’s no “right” door, the door may be a new business, becoming an author on your own terms, becoming a bodybuilder and training others by your time and rules, etc. The door of paradise is the door that will give you options in life, the door will set you free from the rat race and dealing with stupid people on a daily basis.

The “few” know how to sense other people, places, time, lands, phenomenas, energies, etc. Again, knowing how to perceive and sensing is part of the “few” everyday skills to read people and in making choices. The following are some of the traits of the “few”:

  • Perceiving
  • Sensing
  • Using your emotions/feelings the proper way
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Continuously learning
  • Experimenting
  • Expanding the conscious mind
  • Utilizing the unconscious mind to full capacity
  • Stepping into the Unknown
  • Character building

This post is to encourage someone who is part of the majority to make a 180 degree turn and become one of the “few”. Don’t be dismayed if you’re not where you want to be in life, YET, if you have made the decision to find the door of paradise, you have become part of the “few”. The only thing that’s delaying is for the world (or universe, perception) around you to align with your decision. Remember this motto, “leaving no stone unturned” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and with every action or patterns of action you take, have the right attitude according to your purpose/goal. Eventually the door of paradise opens and you will know exactly what to do.

Success can’t be taught, meanwhile success can be encouraged, motivating, and inspiring for the “few”, to find their door of paradise.

Unknown is fearful and liberty
Known is cheerful and captivity
Known roads are subservience
Unknown roads are independence
In your heart is where lies
The unknown to the door of paradise

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