The Dangers Of Boasting

Men if you only would humble yourself and not boast about your gains and success. Let me make it clear, God is not opposed to riches and glory in life, although once we as a man believe it is us that birthed riches and glory by our own hands, the wrath of God will surely be upon us!

Here’s my personal experience:

I like to workout, especially in the form of powerlifting. My whole life I have had great strength, above the human (man) average. Then pride came into my heart, I started to sin in my heart by questioning my ability. I boasted in my strength and provoked The Master, I questioned the reasons for my strength. There was no specific reason for my physical strength moreover my physical strength is a reflection of an attribute of my spiritual strength.

Many times, man boasts in himself and to the world because man doesn’t know that the Master is the one who gives good gifts (strength, power, riches, etc.) to his children. We truly are our own downfall, reasoning being we don’t know the spiritual keys or simply the laws of the Kingdom of God. Interestingly, after the Master humbles you, after someone boasts, the Master is always willing to accept back a humble heart. The Master is so good that He rather have you live, after you humble yourself, than to have a humbled heart have eternal damnation.

If you find yourself boasting a life, humble yourself. That which is risen, like self exaltation, must be brought down, into humbleness. That which is brought down, through humbleness, is exalted into heights that man can not reach by himself.

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