The Blessed Elect

Once you’re marked by the Master no man can curse you, unless you stray from the Way. If a promise was given to you by the creator, of the celestial bodies, no other power under the heavens can delay the blessings of the promise.

Once yoked by the anointment of the Master, who can break the yoke? Does anyone dare touch the Elect of God? The enemy can try to touch the flesh but the Spirit is the inheritance of the Father. Whoever humbles himself before the Lord will be exalted, even in front of his enemies.

If you’re blessed and know that you are blessed, it is your duty to give as much as it has been freely given to you. A gift or a blessing must be sown into the world of man and multiplied by the time the season to harvest has come. The master will expect an account of everything that was gained. Let’s hope you’re not the one who buried the gift/blessing in the ground, as to hide the blessing until the return of the Master.

If you lack favor in your life, humble yourself before the Master and ask for favor. It’s so simple that man prefers to earn his favor than to freely receive it. Humbleness is a great mystery and so easy to apply in life. Sad to say, pride and self exaltation is the pattern man follows unknowingly. Unless man becomes sober and zealously abrupt his ways to turn his heart towards his Creator, the fall is everlasting. Even to change the heart man needs a greater power to assist him, because it’s impossible for him but with God anything is possible.

Are you willing to do what’s necessary in order to become one of the Elect, that the world despises? Are you ready to be a partaker of a greater calling?

You are from a different Light and not the deceiving light that the fallen, that came down like lightning, claims. You are not of world because your citizenship is one of divine, and your home is in Heaven.

Go in Peace, Love you always!

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