Taking Action And The Ego

Photo Credit: Bob oh at Unsplash.com

Action, the only thing that change your circumstances, the breath to your business or career. Your physical body is the vehicle and your Spirit is the driver, and Action takes you to your destination.

They will be times that you will want to give up but don’t, take breaks as many as possible but never give up my friend. The stars are your inspiration, to inform you that there’s something bigger than yourself, and the world is a reflection of your personal world, just like the stars are a reflection of themselves.

Just like in nature and all the unseen powers, they are different levels and different types of authorities. Where do you stand? Get back in touch with your Divine position and authority, and rise to greater experiences.

There’s peace in your heart and mind when you’re in your right path. There’s nothing that can phase you or make you have double mind.

There’s a false sense of security when you achieve a little success and it must be quenched at all cost. It blinds the ego to believe that success lasts forever, which is false. It blinds the ego to believe that power lasts a life time.

Believes are like four corner frames that your ego stays within without stepping out the boundaries of the frame. Don’t be fooled by beauty or riches. Go beyond the physical senses and perceive with the Spirit. You perceive the words and actions of yourself and of others. Don’t make a judgement call by exterior images.

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