A Man And His God

There was a, caring and loving, man who’s only desire was to provide and take care of his family. In addition and ultimately, the man’s will was to do his God’s will. The man had no friends or allies but the man walked with God. The man’s God was like a friend to the man, and a warrior that defended the man at all cost. The man had many enemies from the beginning, from birth until his current age. The man had no friends to call on, when he, the man needed help: The man only had his small family, the man’s family was one unit of love, mind, and one Spirit in God.

The man was a fearful man. The man feared men of power and strength, but his God was his power and strength. The man feared people of violence, but his God’s wrath was upon anyone who came against the man. The man trusted his God because from the beginning, his God made a promise to him: “No man shall touch you”. So the man lived boldly and courageously.

Although the man did not know the future of his life, the man lived by faith. Seeing those things that are not as though they were. The man trusted on his God’s sovereignty. Even when his life seemed to be upside down, his God created a safe passage in the man’s journey through the wilderness. For the mans’ God created streams of living waters in dry valley, lead the man through secrete paths out of danger, gave water through stones. His God was the man’s light to his feet, and his God dwelled in the inner most parts of the man’s heart and the man lived in his God’s heart as well, for they were one.

The world, is a fallen place, and man’s nature is evil. Unless man turns his heart and turns from his evil ways, and redirects his life to Yahweh, his life is eternally damned into the lake of never ending flames. Life is simple although life is extremely hard to live but by putting your faith on Him whom they set on the cursed tree, life is beautiful and fruitful. For on that tree, there’s a root and vine and we can do nothing or bear fruit unless we abide in the Son of Man.

Live boldly and courageously, for there’s freedom from the spirit death, by having faith in his name (Yeshua Hamashiach).

The Peace And Rest Upon Your Life

Peace is what we look for in things or people in the world yet we have it for a little while and then disappears. Rest is what we seek, we believe we’ll get it when turn sixty-five, for retirement, yet it never comes.

Peace doesn’t come from agreements between nations or governments. Peace does not come from settlements between two families, groups, or people that agree on nonviolent acts amongst themselves. Peace is given from the Prince of Peace! Peace is knowing that the hosts of heaven are to protect you from harm and guide you from glory to glory. Peace gives you a powerful feeling of quickening in the Spirit to stand still and know that Father of all Lights knows your name, which is written in the book of life.

Rest, O’ how we long for rest, by taking vacations to escape the pitiful lives we live in society. How we watch hours upon hours of television to enter into a new reality of fantasy and nonexistent, to seek rest from our busy lives that comes to nothing. The children of Light have rest because they know that all their tomorrows are in the hands of their creator. Rest is within those that cling on and never let go of the Father in Heaven. Rest is found in the Spirit and Truth. The beginning and end of rest is in Yeshua Hamashiach. Having rest is not worrying about the futures outcome because all things are provided when someone finds the Kingdom of God. There’s no need to fly or drive thousands of miles to find rest, rest is given to those that turn from their corruptible ways and turn their hearts towards the Father that gives the breath of Life.

May you find rest and peace in his name, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).