Tag: Wrestling

The Fight Of Life

Waking up every day to a day of chaos and discomfort, is what people go through every single day, from the poorest man to the richest man. Everyone goes through a cycle of pressure and releases. Although it is the man that fights back, wrestles with life’s bidding against him, […]

Wrestling With God

I have wrestled with God all my life. I have yelled at God because I was mad at my circumstances, yet God heard me out and comforted me. I turned my back on the Master, left Him and went my separate way, yet when the world rejected me the Master […]

Wrestling With Invisible Powers Of The Air

Have you ever had a heavy feeling upon your shoulders? Have you ever felt your mind fogged up, not able to think or have clear thoughts, and not able to make a decision? Welcome to the veiled arena of the Invisible Powers of the air, where perception and seeing beyond […]