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The Turmoils Of The Soul

Rage, hate, depression, envy, lust, covetousness: the turmoils of the Soul. We all have them, you being VP or someone who washes dishes, we’re only human. You can’t avoid these feelings or run from, although you cope with them. Cope with them with philosophy and right action. Do your duty […]

The Kingdom Of God

If the kingdom of God is within me then I don’t need to continue to look for God. If the kingdom of God is within me then I have all knowledge and wisdom and I don’t need to continue to read books and the Bible because God has put his […]

The Crown Of Love

The Son And Daughter love the Father. The Father is close by and his children know it, actually those that are aware of his presence know it. The sunshine is ever strong in the lives of his children. The rays of light are manifested in their work, mirage, lifestyle, etc. […]

Don’t Let The Energy Of The Poor Destroy You

Have you ever gone to a poor neighborhood and noticed that the air you breathe is full of fear and uneasiness? I have, I actually grew up in a be in a poor neighborhood. Growing up in a poor neighborhood meant that your path was determined by the atmosphere that […]

Remember Who You Are Pt. 3

You are the Light of dawn You are the Light of the world You are the Light to your eye, which leads you to your destiny You are the roar of the king of the jungle You are the mighty force of the wind You are the lightning in the […]

Certain Knowledge

Certain knowledge must be taken rather than given by someone else, organization, establishment, group, etc. This world, the modern world, where we as people depend on society to tell us what is right and what is wrong. We wait for their permission on who we can date and who we […]

When Life Knocks You Down

Instead of quivering down and kicking yourself for the circumstances that you have no control of. Stand, rise up and keep pushing forward until you feel the break through. The breakthrough first is in the unseen and the second breakthrough is in the physical world. Be determined! For winning and […]

The Unknown Environment

When ever you go into new environment, new school, new city, house or building. For most people, the state of mind is nervousness and anxiety. Although, these states are unnecessary and only do you harm biologically. In order to overcome this is by being in the present state of mind. […]

Your Inner Life

Your inner game must be on point. Your Spirit, Heart, and Mind must be in peace. Be still and watch how the loving God moves on your behalf. The key is tranquility, be one with the universe, one with God, one with your environment. There is no physical measure of […]

All Power And Might Is Within You Already

If I’m everything that I am, if everything that I need is within me, if I’m already whole and complete as the image of God then life is the tilled ground and my soul is the seed in order to multiply and grow without limits! Have you wondered, how you […]