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Love You Friend

Know today that you are Loved by the most high, even when things are dark and gloomy in your life, the Love of the Father is always towards you. Know that no matter your circumstances, even in the lowest valley or on the highest mountain, the Love of God is […]

Life and Fear

Don’t you wonder what life would be if you would live life without the fear of criticism, scolding, and evil looks by the idiots around you. Please allow me to mention that this life is as fragile as a thin piece of glass that falls on the ground and break […]

Are you Wiling To Live Foolishly Free In Him?

We live our lives with fear of the things that can happen to us. By the imagination and the thoughts that the ancient enemy puts in our mind. So we try to live as perfect as the world or society expects us to live. Which in turn we live worse […]