Your Inner Life

Your inner game must be on point. Your Spirit, Heart, and Mind must be in peace. Be still and watch how the loving God moves on your behalf. The key is tranquility, be one with the universe, one with God, one with your environment. There is no physical measure of this although you may maintain a state of mind, emotion, and action that if held long enough you will reap its fruit.

When in distress wait upon your Spirit. Don’t make decisions on temporary feelings of lack, distress, or guilt. Wait upon the Spirit to regenerate you. The wait is worth anything bad you may be experiencing at the present moment. When the Spirit comes upon better decisions are made and luck appears to be manifested. Although it’s not luck, it’s the Spirit that works upon your behalf.

How do you call upon the Spirit? Calling upon the Spirit is not by words or long prayers. It is by positioning yourself in higher laws of nature. Serenity, altruism, and love are spiritual keys into a life of wonders and fulfillment. Take care of your inner life and life will take care of you.

Remember Who You Are Pt. 3

You are the Light of dawn

You are the Light of the world

You are the Light to your eye, which leads you to your destiny

You are the roar of the king of the jungle

You are the mighty force of the wind

You are the lightning in the storm

You are the courage that takes on the fight of life

You are boldness that takes the first step in uncharted paths

You are the creator of thoughts and ideas

You are the master of the universe

You are the master of your inner universe

You are a spiritual being

You are a psychic being

You are the instinct that makes all animals know mother earth

You are wings that make you fly

You are depth and width of the ocean

You are the water that sustains all life

Don’t Let The Energy Of The Poor Destroy You

Have you ever gone to a poor neighborhood and noticed that the air you breathe is full of fear and uneasiness? I have, I actually grew up in a be in a poor neighborhood.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood meant that your path was determined by the atmosphere that forcefully consumed you. A path of scarcity, fearfulness, doubt, and envy. The only thing that I was taught was that I needed to get good grades so that I can find a good job. For some reason I always believed that was weird in some way.

No one told me that I have a creative mind, that my spirit is multidimensional, or that my heart is powerful beyond measure. I had to learned this on my own. I grew up in a very religious family and saw things that are considered supernatural. This experience alone put me in a path of questioning everything I was taught. At the same time, for a short time, I had abilities of a psychic which made me believe in the unseen world. Now these abilities were not taught or learned from anyone one or from any book. Somehow they were given to me and I understood that.

I realized that these powers only come when you’re on your right path. The path depends on your life purpose. Your purpose is given by your Spirit, and it is solely up to you to find out what your purpose is.

So don’t fall for what the world or masses tell you on what you should do in life because all the answers you that you need are within you. You just need to remember who you are.

The Crown Of Love

The Son And Daughter love the Father. The Father is close by and his children know it, actually those that are aware of his presence know it. The sunshine is ever strong in the lives of his children. The rays of light are manifested in their work, mirage, lifestyle, etc. The joy is their sweetness in the voice of their conversations. Love is their crown.

Expanding Your Peripheral Vision And Awareness of The External World

Expanding your vision and tuning in with the outside world, by stopping your internal dialogue within and have all your attention outside your personal world is a great skill to have. We filter our life, and of the outside world, through our emotions, beliefs, and past experiences, all things internally; We continuously receive information from the world although we are not aware of it.

Sometimes as human being, we are our own naysayer, we listen to our weaknesses within instead of focusing on our strengths because we don’t know our strengths. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) has a phenomenon called “up-time” and the idea is that you stop all your internal dialogue along with any internal images, and focus on the exterior. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) usually uses this when working with a client, audience, or any person. I personally, for example, like to use this skill to become aware of my surroundings when there’s a lot of people, if necessary, e.g., at the parks, gyms, malls, concerts.

The following is my personal example of how I get into the state of mind of “up-time”, feel free to use it or modify it how ever you desire:

  1. Imagine a ball of light, or a miniature sun, within your center of your body
  2. Charge it, charge the ball of light with more light. Intensify it.
  3. Once the ball of light is intensified, imagine it exploding and all particles of light go on the exterior of your body, to create an outline of your body made of light.

For me, this experience helps me get into an altered state of mind of “up-time”, to expand my peripheral vision and awareness of the external world. Also, by doing the experience I made the decision that the experience will stop all internal dialogue and images.

The following is great quote regarding a teacher and a student on internal dialogue and exterior world:

The first act of a teacher is to introduce the idea that the world we think we see is only a view, a description of the world. Every effort of a teacher is geared to prove this point to his apprentice. But accepting it seems to be one of the hardest things one can do; we are complacently caught in our particular view of the world, which compels us to feel and act as if we knew everything about the world. A teacher, from the very first act he performs, aims at stopping that view…Sorcerers call it stopping the internal dialogue and they are convinced that it is the single most important technique that an apprentice can learn…Stopping the internal dialogue is, however, the key to the sorcerers’ world,” he said. “The rest of the activities are only props; all they do is accelerate the effect of stopping the internal dialogue.

Carlos Castenada: Tales of Power, Richard Bandler and John Grinder: Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Vol. I

Feel free to comment and let me know of your experience, or if you found how to do it better, let me know.

Gifts, Talents, And Freedom

Every single human born into this world is granted with a gift. It may be art, sciences, philosophy, accounting, teaching, etc. Unfortunately most the of the time majority of the human population never get know their gift s because majority of the people are side tracked or blinded by other peoples gift and talents and try to imitate other people gifts and talents. Which is why they slumber and walk daily around this earth asking themselves why they are not successful or thriving in life. They look for answers in other people instead within. The wisdom of old and books of old all tell you the same thing, read and think about the following quote by Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus says:

“If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you.

If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.

Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you.”

The Gospel of Thomas

It’s easy to look for answers outside of ourselves, it’s easy to look for answers in careers or become a slave of a guru. There’s so much junk of information in the internet and you have to learn how to perceive what is good to absorb and what is junk. Open your mind on who you should listen to and learn from. Examine which books and articles will bring you closer to your dreams and goals and ultimately your destiny. Break free and build up courage within and find answers from within and proceed in Mind and Soul Freedom.

How do you become free? You may ask. Learn about yourself, for example:

  • Learn about your conscious and unconscious mind
  • Learn about your spirit and soul
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Learn how words affects your neurology
  • Learn about body postures and how body postures affect your feeling/emotions
  • Learn about altered states
  • Learn about language patterns

Where I get my source of information to achieve Mind And Soul Freedom are few of the following places:

  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Hypnosis
  • Ancient Religion
  • Study of secrete organizations (Masons, Knights Templars, etc)

To get your hands on the actual books of information go to page, and click on link, Mind And Soul Buying Catalog, and begin on the right path, your destiny path.