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Love is Life, Life is Love

The love of life is equivalent to the fight of life. You must fight to endure meaning, you must live to expand purpose. Why do we choose to stay stagnate and lazy in our present moments that are so precious. It is because we’re stuck in a time warp of […]

The Fight Of Life

Waking up every day to a day of chaos and discomfort, is what people go through every single day, from the poorest man to the richest man. Everyone goes through a cycle of pressure and releases. Although it is the man that fights back, wrestles with life’s bidding against him, […]

The Fight Of Life

The fight of life is never ending and the winning streaks is solely dependent on each person, who has the breath of the life. Defeat happens when the fighting stops on our part, because the truth is that life is expansion and growth, and in order to continue and be […]