Certain Knowledge

Certain knowledge must be taken rather than given by someone else, organization, establishment, group, etc. This world, the modern world, where we as people depend on society to tell us what is right and what is wrong. We wait for their permission on who we can date and who we can marry. Modern society tell us what religion is good and which is bad. The list goes on.

Wake up and take for yourself what is rightfully yours, all knowledge and all power. Now there’s a way to do this in the beginning, which is to question your existence, the first layer of breakthrough. By questioning your existence you begin to become aware of who you are, where you are, where you been, and where you’re going.

The rest is will begin to fall into place. You will expand your questioning in certain areas of your life and in certain areas within your inner being.

You will get to a point when you will find certain knowledge that must be kept secrete and guarded by your heart because there’s certain personalities that will rather have you ignorant than you live your best life.

Take courage and boldly believe in yourself and abilities, and remember who you are!

Untapped Powers Through Emotions/Feelings

When your are feeling your happiest or love at your best. You make the best decisions in life. When remembering a a memory from the past, like a loving partner or or feeling a the best life experience you make the best decisions in life. There’s other powers that are dormant, powers that are connected to feelings and emotions. Powers that are not taught in the in schools, jobs, careers, or corporate America.

  • Visualize in your minds eye a memory, with your eyes closed, of your best experience when you felt your greatest love for someone or an event that you went through.
  • See in your minds eye, with your eyes closed: step outside your body, with four bodies, one on the North, South, West, and East side. Make all four bodies facing your physical body. Then with your physical body, in your minds eye, illuminate light from within and feed your four, outside, bodies with the light illuminating from your physical body. Once the four bodies turn into light bring them together and make all the four bodies become one with your physical body. Now open your eyes and see how light you feel and now you’re ready to make a decision because your’e in a positive state of being.

Feel free to experiment with this exercise, If you can remember a time when you felt amazing, when you felt like life was loving and kind, you can tap into your emotional powers and bring it to the present moment of time. When you reach that state of bliss you can make better decisions and make better choices of words when you’re speaking to someone or conducting a meeting.

What’s mentioned above is good practice when life throws you a curveball or takes you on a detour. Life happens to everyone, the rich, the poor, the smart guy and stupid guy; Life will test you and refine you into the mold that society decides to mold you, unless you mold yourself as you desire to be.