The Peace And Rest Upon Your Life

Peace is what we look for in things or people in the world yet we have it for a little while and then disappears. Rest is what we seek, we believe we’ll get it when turn sixty-five, for retirement, yet it never comes.

Peace doesn’t come from agreements between nations or governments. Peace does not come from settlements between two families, groups, or people that agree on nonviolent acts amongst themselves. Peace is given from the Prince of Peace! Peace is knowing that the hosts of heaven are to protect you from harm and guide you from glory to glory. Peace gives you a powerful feeling of quickening in the Spirit to stand still and know that Father of all Lights knows your name, which is written in the book of life.

Rest, O’ how we long for rest, by taking vacations to escape the pitiful lives we live in society. How we watch hours upon hours of television to enter into a new reality of fantasy and nonexistent, to seek rest from our busy lives that comes to nothing. The children of Light have rest because they know that all their tomorrows are in the hands of their creator. Rest is within those that cling on and never let go of the Father in Heaven. Rest is found in the Spirit and Truth. The beginning and end of rest is in Yeshua Hamashiach. Having rest is not worrying about the futures outcome because all things are provided when someone finds the Kingdom of God. There’s no need to fly or drive thousands of miles to find rest, rest is given to those that turn from their corruptible ways and turn their hearts towards the Father that gives the breath of Life.

May you find rest and peace in his name, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).

Too Human and Too Weak

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My mind is at turmoil, I can’t help but to be upset, I’m too human. I practice good morals although it brings me to wanting and lusting for the things of the world. I can’t help but to be jealous and envy those that are in high towers of social status. It brings displeasure knowing that the beautiful things in life are harder to reach without deep monetary pockets.

My heart aches knowing that I don’t have friends that I can rely on if I ever need something. No friends to call on for protection or help when in dismay. I have no alias at command to call upon for battle, no warriors to clear the way.

My stomach turns and twist knowing that I have no homes or land under my name. I have no castle to run to or for hiding. I have no army to keep my safety. No land to till the grounds and reap its reward, to feed and make the stomach happy.

My hands are idle, no power is within them to create wealth. My hands wonders and searchers for areas where it can find gold and silver to sustain a good life on this physical world. My hands crave coin for supper. My hands seeks gold in the mountains for the pleasures of this world. My hands are the never satisfied with its lot in life.

My spirit is at distress due to its want of affirmation that I will be safe, fed, sheltered, and provided for. My spirit takes it upon itself to be the master of its life, but the spirit has no profit in doing so.

Is there any man that can add to his status? Is there any man that can add to his own pocket or wealth? Is there any man that can add anything unto himself? Is there any man can create flowing streams of water in dry areas or create dry areas in lands of flowing waters?

There is in fact one Man, the Son of Man. The Light of the world. Logos in the flesh. The Lord of lords. The King of kings. The Prince of peace. The Alpha and the Omega. The name that is above every name, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ!