Success, Mystery, Plans, And Living Rivers

The Reality Of Success

If you’re not born into money, the road to success is agonizing without money. The stress to take care of your love ones is one that overwhelms not just yourself but those around you.

In order to maximize your true potential is by having a higher power working on your behalf. Without a higher power, you’ll be striving to make ends meet. I have come to the reality that striving for success is pointless, there’s nothing you can physically do that will uplift you by your own hands. If it was the case, every man or women would have the wisdom to become millionaires over night. I don’t know about you but I want to make sure I don’t waste my time In doing things that won’t bring me closer to success.

Although I am guilty, I have wasted my last 30 years striving and reading on success of other people and trying to break free myself from the 8 to 5 job, unfortunately without success because my works were done in vain. Now I’m here fully dependent on the Creator because I’m like a flower that’s here today and gone tomorrow and my life is a vapor that comes to nothing but eternal life is with Him that knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. The Master knows my end, and my glory and success is in Him.

How to become A Mystery

Inner feelings are most precious in your own heart but they are stepping stones to other people to reach your heart. The deepest feelings of your soul are the foundations that someone can build a prosperous garden of love or a slaughterhouse of pains.

In order to be a mystery, keep your feelings to yourself and save your soul from people who only want to exploit your feelings. Being a mystery is lonely and only a handful have the key to your heart. Mystery is like a dark cave for the outside world but a shelter for those that have the map of the inner depths.

A person of mystery doesn’t share their opinion although responds with action and movement. A person of mystery doesn’t gossip meanwhile gives glory to every man where it’s required. A person of mystery doesn’t boast of his/her strengths then again continues to show his/her strengths by example.

The Plans Of Your Heart And Living Rivers

The living rivers are manifestations of the Spirit of God living and residing in the Temple, which is your body. The “manifestations” are never the same because God is a creator and continues to do new things in the children of light. If God did the same manifestations, then the relationship with him would be a religious experience and not a walking journey birthed out of love and light.

So I say live your life to the fullest while keeping the mindful thoughts of the Master. We as human worry of making right or wrong decisions but if you’re a child of the Light, you have a hedge of protection which means you will probably make mistakes but your end is not damnation. So why fear the world while the Light within you has overcome the world?

Be bold and courageous!

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