Stepping Into The Unknown

What is the the Unknown? With many people there’s a misconception that the unknown has to do only with the supernatural. Although the unknown may be a different genre when reading books, making a 180 degree turn on a different career, moving to a different state or country. The unknown can be an idea that can be difficult or as simple as an individual can make it. To me (the writer), the unknown is where success, riches, glory, power, and the greatest achievements reside for life along with unlimited potential; And it is up to me to find the right doors to unleash, what i believe to be, the destiny and purpose in life.

The unknown depends on your deepest questions about life. The Unknown can be everything else that the conscious mind is not aware of. It depends how well developed a human being is, on a spiritual level or on a conscious level, to comprehend the unknown.

One of the greatest things i heard, from Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his speeches, was “leaving no stone unturned” (Video below @ 2:32 min). Do anything and everything with a mindset of succeeding because the unknown can only, according to my personal experience, be altered by action and momentum, as well as the right attitude/emotions according to your goals.

Once you have the mindset to succeed, the mindset becomes alive and becomes a force that can not be stopped. It’s hard explain how success and freedom works, although it comes down to the fact that your beliefs, mindset, attitudes, and emotions are the forces that take you there; To achieve success, riches, luck, and Mind and Soul Freedom. The unknown can not be explained with simple words, sounds, or images. The unknown can only be experienced and expressed by fruits and manifestations of your success, for example by your art, music, novels, a life style, etc.

The sun rises and moon sets
The moon sets and sun rises
Life and purpose haven’t met
Don’t go another day with regret
Go and step into the unknown
Unlock the door to receive your crown
You have the key
Come now and set yourself free

With great boldness and keen focus, step into the unknown and live your best life!

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