Spiritual Pulling Sensation

Every single person on this planet has had a spiritual pulling sensation, from within, and almost everyone ignores the sensation. The people that don’t ignore their sensation immediately look for answers everywhere, people try different religion, change careers, run a marathon, read books on spirituality, or read blog posts like this one.

Let me mention to you, the pulling sensations that you feel is your spirit urging you to recognize that there’s a calling, a purpose along with a destiny for your life. It’s the light that resides in all of us. Unfortunately, almost everyone rejects their calling because comfort comes in and sway them into total and complete discouragement that only leads to an infinite regret in abyss. The person that can release that sensation, of power and potential, is you! It is up to you to make the decision by accepting the journey to find your true purpose life.

Only by accepting your calling will you live a fulfilling life, anthhting less than accepting your calling will only bring sadness, depression, and confusion. So the point is find your calling and don’t ignore but acknowledge your spiritual pulling sensation.

Things to recognize when you’re having a spiritual pulling sensation:

  • There’s a void within
  • You feel something stirring in your stomach
  • You feel a sensations on your forehead between your eyes
  • You wake up between 2:30am and 3:30am for no reason
  • You get ideas out of nowhere that make sense to you
  • You have understanding of certain things without knowing anything about them
  • You read books on religion
  • You seek a spiritual guide
  • You ask advise from an older person
  • You search the web for answers
  • You feel like you should find people that are feeling the same way as you

He said to them, “Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he (or “it”) lights up the whole world. If he (or “it”) does not shine, he (or “it”) is darkness.”

The Gospel of Thomas

There’s many other things that happen, that your spirit does in order to get your attention. In short, you got to pay attention to the light within.

What’s this potency within
This flutter goes out and in
This tug and push are irksome
I wonder where this is coming from
Is this feeling in every person
What must I do, give it life or shun
I’ll be open and receive illumination
Animation is yours spiritual pulling sensation

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