Seekers Of Power

Isn’t funny how men seek power in all sorts of things and do all kinds of vain rituals to try to gain power. Yet they refuse to ask the one in whom the image was used to create them. There’s so many illusions and flashes, in the world, to stunt the men of the world so they won’t the know the truth.

The truth is power is given, power is not taken or strived for. Grievously, men seek power for the wrong reasons, men seek power to rule over their fellow brothers and sisters of the world. They seek power to exalt themselves and use power for the pleasures of the world. This kind of power will be rejected and is frowned upon by the Creator. If men manage to receive powers, not of God, then it was given by powers in high places. These powers in high places are deniers of the truth and rejected the truth.

The only power given to men and women, is the power of elevation and sustaining the Kingdom of God. Another power may be given to those whose hearts is towards helping mankind. Also, God is so kind that gives individuals power in their hands to create wealth.

Almost always men want power for the wrong reasons. However, God is willing to give gifts of power to every single person on this planet, the key point is asking for the power according to Gods will. Knowing Gods will is on individual basis, you must walk with God in order to know his will. It’s a walk that many men are not willing to walk because the walk requires soberness from the world.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your insights! This topic makes me think about Acts 1:8, which is on the pulpit at our church. His power is for being His witnesses to the ends of the earth!

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