See The End From The Beginning: The Straight Way

From the beginning we start our lives with great power and energy. Although this is good, most times than not, we have no direction or vision of the end. We tend to be double minded in our goals and life events. Double minded is like being in treadmill where you may run as fast as you can and go as long as you want but never get anywhere.

Most of us, mostly in the States, want fame, riches, and power. They are blinded by the deceitful illusions of big houses, flashy cars, plastic body parts projected in 55 inch televisions. People are bound and tide with unseen shackles of vanity and covetousness: They are drunk and refuse to become sober to receive true freedom.

True freedoms’ door lies within you, precisely when you turn your heart towards the way of the omni Presence. The Presence is the light for your feet and guidance for your life. The Way is the End and the Beginning. When in The Way, the world within and without falls into perfect synchronicity. The alignment of The Way will ever be true and complete, than we as individuals can ever try to be.

Knowing the end from the beginning is so simple although we tend to make it difficult. Turn your heart towards God, don’t go right and don’t go left but go along the straight Way!

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