Rushing Thoughts And Rest

This morning I woke up with a feeling of tiredness, thinking of all the things I did not accomplish and all my desires my evil heart covets for. But I will remember the Lord because He know me before I was born, and the Lord is the provider of all my needs. All glory and power belong to Him.

The mind is too forward and the heart is evil. God I give you my mind and heart to tame because I can not do it in my own strength.

When I take deep thought and ponder what my soul truly aches for, is to get back to know the God of my youth, when I was a child. I knew Him and had a personal relationship with Him, and it was amazing.

The hardest thing for to do is rest and be still. But I know God gives me rest and leads me to green pastures and calm rivers.

When I was younger, I did not fast or read the scriptures although I did speak to God as a regular person. I knew God and God knew me. I knew God’s thoughts and God knew my thoughts. Now I am blinded by my covetousness and I am deaf by the ambitions of life. Nevertheless I will be still and know the Lord of my life.

Who truly is blessed?
Riches and wealth are a gift.
Can you strive for this gift and still be rested?

Majestic birthed from your name.
Your sons and daughters are yours to claim.
We are created in your image.
We follow in all your ways.
Your name is Yahweh.

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