The Mayan Wisdom Project


  • Heal or improve physical disease and pain.
  • Release mental and emotional blockages and traumas that are holding you back.
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and financial blocks, and finally create abundance.
  • Turn knowledge into wisdom, and put it into action in your daily life.
  • Evolve past your current limitations and manifest the reality you want.
  • Let go of toxic relationships and improve your connections with others.
  • Understand yourself at a much deeper level.
  • Use the wisdom you gain to guide and heal others if you so desire.
  • Develop your spiritual abilities.
  • Access the missing link and achieve holistic health by simultaneously creating material, mental, emotional, and spiritual success.


Discover the Power of Mayan Wisdom:

The answers to unlocking your full potential to live your best life are embedded in the powerful wisdom of the ancient Mayans. And that wisdom has been hidden from the world until recently.

You can discover the missing link to holistic health from authentic Mayan spiritual leaders (and you won’t find it anywhere else).

The answer is beyond that and our spiritual leaders can teach you how to get there so you can achieve true holistic health.

This experience is not another course on meditation, centering your soul, or understanding astrology. Instead, it is an entirely unique experience designed to release you from modern society’s emphasis on materialism, money, and “success”. Then, you can let go of those blockages and find honest fulfilment, while manifesting success at the same time.


Stephen I USA

I joined the Academy and have been thrilled with it! I am learning another way to look at myself, other people, my surroundings, the Earth and the universe. People who want to develop their awareness of themselves and how they fit in the world and the cosmos will love this program.

Karen I Ireland

What a great resource and project this is to help bring these ancient teachings to the world. I joined the Academy and got my own personal energy reading which was so accurate, in-depth and insightful. It was really awe inspiring. I recommend this project and what Solveig is doing to everyone!


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