Prayers And The Man Of Patience

A man with patience is unmoved and can not be moved by the chaotic circumstances of the world. Even if famine is rampant in the land, jobs are scarce, or society is upside down, a man of patience can not be moved.

A man of patience is only moved by the Word and Will of the Sword that pierces the Spirit at due season. Only then will he act on circumstances of the world. The patient man waits upon the move of the Logos that is within him.

Prayers are the works of the patient man, and answered prayers are his wages. He prays without ceasing, knowing that humbleness is the only factor that’s between him and his creator. Because humbleness opens the doors and windows of heaven, humbleness is ever in the man of patience.

The Man of patience understands that his prayers may be answered immediately or answered in the after life. Although fervid prayers of a patient man can accomplish much. The rest of the eight billion people in the world worry for decades about what their life will turn out to be, meanwhile their life turned out exactly what they feared.

Life my brother and sister in the Light. Even if we make plans in our hearts on what we should do while occupying and passing through this Earth, the Creator of your substance directs all your steps divinely into his will and purpose for your life.

Run away from friends that lay around all day and fold their hands that eventually become idle hands. Then these friends become mindless walkers on Earth attaining more to their idleness. If your not sure what you must do in your adulthood season of life, weary not, choose an occupation that may rise in your heart. Second trust on your creator to lead your steps although that occupation may not workout the Creator of the Universe will lead in the right direction. The important thing is not to become idle in life, the Spirit is never idle and neither should you.

Understand that your Creator is a good and loves you, and longs for you. Ponder in your mind that you were created and outlined according to His Image. One of God’s mysteries is focusing on God’s name (Yeshua Hamashiach) and doing all things unto Him. Yet people focus on everything else but his name, no wonder people’s life is a twisted roller coaster and not straight like it should be.

Be glad, there’s hope still! As long you’re taking a breath of life, it’s not too late. Start now! Be as a man of patience that prays without ceasing in all things and areas of life.

Go in peace, Love you always!

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