Pain Brings You Closer To Achieving Your Dreams

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How’s pain a bad thing, although people compare it to circumstances. Why do we compare pain to levels of success? A little suffering is good for the reproving of mind and soul. When working on your dreams, Pain is an illusion. The opposite is true, when you’re not working on your dreams, pain is more real and it’s sensation is unbearable because you’re working backwards and not moving forward. For me, the more I write the more I feel uplifted and the pain of everyday issues is bearable.

You want to break free! Don’t stand in your passive mind of non positive bullshit thoughts. Be mad and get angry! Wake up! Send your mind and heart to the highest potential, activate them by taking action towards your dreams!

For example, I can’t help but to write, to continue to write, and never stop writing. Writing in a journal, on a piece of paper, or on my laptop, it doesn’t matter, my High Calling is calling, and it is writing which is the beginnings of this journey. It’s a power within me that tugs and pulls me to type right now, it forces me to write what’s in my heart. I have stirred this power within me that it has awaken and now it’s ready to fulfill its destiny.

The sad truth is that the majority of humanity does not want to shake up their slumber to wake up because it is too painful. The majority rather watch tv, have a cook out every weekend, drink their six pack of alcohol, and they are satisfied until the following repeated cycle.

At the end of the day, reflect back to the time you opened your eyes and analyze every moment of time, and conclude if you used your pains and struggles as fuel. Don’t be a man or women who submits like a dog when it gets scolded by its master. Rise and claim your day! Rise and take it by its horns and submit it to your will by taking necessary action towards your dreams.

Sometimes you won’t want to do anything, you will feel tired, you will feel exhausted, and you’ll feel brain fog, and that’s OK! Rest and recharge yourself, even warriors and leaders need rest. For our “body is weak and the Spirit is willing” (Jesus Christ). It’s 6 AM, I woke up with my body feeling like shit for some reason, meanwhile my Spirit is fully awake and ready for the days work, by first going to the gym. Know that you are working towards something, either backwards or forwards. Faith is the only substance that you have to use. Not knowing the future, is part of life’s greatest annoyance and faith is the substance that pushes you forward to achieve dreams and visions. For tomorrow is not guaranteed!

Look back and reflect on everyone you know, that has passed away. Did they really, truly, live their life to fullest? Or did they submit to society and the pain from going against norm, which attacks the body and the mind.

Beauty can only take you so far, charm can only take you so far, etc. Any advantage that you may have is not enough, breaking barriers beyond that which is reachable is a demand, if you want to reach new levels in your life.

Human beings have about 100 years in this world, although majority don’t know how to live. Even if we only have a short life, we can live a long one. Check out “Seneca: On The Shortness Of Life, Life Is Long If You Know How To Use It”.

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