Pain, Consume It Or Consumed By It

Pain, physical or emotional, is a source of energy. Whether you consume pain for an outcome or it consumes you towards your destruction, is up to you. We all know what pain is, be it emotional, physical, or mental, at any level we all understand some sort of pain.

Pain can be used as a memory trigger to avoid or go forth with an action. Now, as an individual, we need distinguish which pain we allow to set in place in our being in order to assist us.

Pain can simply be the struggles of life. We all been there, where there was no job, when a spouse left, when the bills piled up, when a loved one passed to the next world. The bright side of the pain is that we can continue to move forward in life, along with wisdom and knowledge we accumulated through pain. Every time you experience pain, you’re usually fighting something whether you’re conscious of it or not, mostly you’re fighting without knowing it, unconsciously.

The truth is that we will never leave that the cycle of pain, although we can use at our own dispense. That’s where the concealed knowledge lies, between pain and motion, take action or remain still until death comes. Motion, moving, towards higher probabilities of life are achievable. Understanding that higher stages of life are possible, gets you more than half way there to achieve them. It just a matter of time catching up to your decision. Pain, only reminds you of your mortality, which is a beautiful thing. Now depending on people’s heart, it can make a difference on the type of decision that is made. Although your mortality is watched by unseen forces in the air, the unseen forces are baffled when you make decisions because your mortality is a gift of progression and power. We have the ability to make decisions, we have the ability of conscious thoughts, we have a the ability to love, we have the ability to alchemize!

Let us not waste this precious gift called pain. Use the pain!

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