The Kingdom Of God

If the kingdom of God is within me then I don’t need to continue to look for God. If the kingdom of God is within me then I have all knowledge and wisdom and I don’t need to continue to read books and the Bible because God has put his […]

Daily Journal – Mind And Soul Freedom

If death comes to all, is it possible to die prematurely? I thought our lives were in God’s hand. Pain, embrace it. It reminds you that you are mortal. The best gift you can give yourself: The present moment (Meditations – Marcus Aurelius). They that accuse you, curse you, physically […]

Covetousness And Gifts

Covetousness, what an ill substance in the mind. Reject it, reject the good and the bad covetousness. It’s better to live in content and better to live in the present moment, every precious moment. Be still and the know your God whom provides your every need. You want growth and […]

Rushing Thoughts And Rest

This morning I woke up with a feeling of tiredness, thinking of all the things I did not accomplish and all my desires my evil heart covets for. But I will remember the Lord because He know me before I was born, and the Lord is the provider of all […]

A True King

Do you have a heart of king? The heart of a king is justice and merciful. Is your character kingly? The character of a king is wise and understanding. Do you judge righteously, as a king? The judgment of a king is right and his word is final!

Life and Fear

Don’t you wonder what life would be if you would live life without the fear of criticism, scolding, and evil looks by the idiots around you. Please allow me to mention that this life is as fragile as a thin piece of glass that falls on the ground and break […]

The Spirit And Voice Of God

The Spirit Of God The Holy Spirit is like the wind, ever precious and energizing, lifting your spirits up while feeling its power. The Spirit is like the wind that hovers over waters, land, air, over holy nations, governments, and people. The Spirit of God cannot be grasped by physical […]