On Being A King

What is a king? Who is considered a king? Character describes the soul and the person. Attitude feeds and fuels the character of a person.

Physical kings no longer matter. Titles no longer matter. Character and attitude are King! And your kingdom is your business, your household, your mind, body, and soul.

Your character is what surpasses all ill personalities that others illuminate through their words and actions. Your judgement is perceived through the eyes of a kingly character that can not be fooled by deceivers.

A king has many battles, although not just against other people but within himself. For external battles; It is vital to be at ease and calm through fury accusations and arguments because that is the key to overcome and quench the fragmented souls that attack you. For battles within; it is vital to be at ease and calm to control the everlasting soul that never stops wrestling with your mind and spirit.

Study kings of old, King Solomon, King Author, Alexander the Great, etc. Imitate and consume their good characteristics and throw away the scraps of ill characteristics. Learn, continue to learn, and never stop learning. For the kings health and sounded mind is sustained by maintaining character flawlessness.

A good place to start your journey, on becoming king in heart, spirit and mind, start with Marcus Aurelius, a great emperor:

Marcus Aurelius’ book Meditation is fascinating!

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