Not Left Not Right, Go Straight

When you see no end, when you can’t see your goal on top of the mountain, keep moving forward. That’s your best shot to overcoming anything, keep moving and don’t stop! In order to go to the next level in life, you must elevate from distractions from the media, social trends, and toxic people because it only feeds your eyes and fleshy desires. By elevating you help yourself arise to higher states of consciousness. The greatest downfall an individual can make is follow what everybody else is doing, the individuals that follow social trends or media trends, eventually lead to problems of creativity, new ideas, new innovations, new technologies, etc. Don’t turn left towards the highway of death creativity and don’t turn right to the highway of bondage, although go straight to the narrow path to paradise created for you and by you.

Now, let’s look for a solution for this dilemma of the outside human system. What can we do? What can you do to detach yourself from the chains of lust, greed, covetousness, and hate.

  • First, acknowledge it for what it is, then make a shift in your decisions that you will no longer be persuaded by it
  • Instead you will build something in its place
  • Know yourself, who truly are you?
  • Look within for inspiration
    • What motivates you?
    • What inspires you?
    • What’s your real dream, and not the one they gave you
  • Read books that will challenge your thinking and beliefs

When will an individual really pursue his dreams in life, when will he manifest his desired life? I’ll tell you when, it’s when that individual is tired of all the downfalls he has had in life, it is when he is tired of all the disappointments from the advised he received from the family , media, and false religious sects that brought him down to nothing. He will change and pursue his dream when decides that enough is enough. This individual will no longer consume the media, social trends, mass hysteria, instead he will use it to better his life. Consumption is no longer an option, and creation is law, now in this individual life.

The journey towards freedom seems too far and too hard, henceforth as soon as you start the journey life will begin to unwind for the better, in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, the regret you will have will be, you wished you had started earlier.

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