Natures Requires You

You are the mirror of the rose, in garden or forest, that blossoms at day break. Growing and expanding because the light that it feels awakes, the light within, to do what nature required it to do. To smell and look beautiful, to provide hope and love, to blossom and accept the world as it is, knowing that it’s Creator put it there for a purpose.

So when we awaken, our breath of life makes us conscious of our life and requires us also to do what we are required to do. To work towards uplifting humanity into a greater sphere of progression in mind, body, and soul. To help fellow brothers and sisters of human kind, that there’s a God who loves them and cares for them.

Maybe you’re an electrician and your duty is to show up to work every day and provide your services. Your very presence at work is helping to create the destinies and fates of people you make contact with: customers, supervisors, strangers, etc.

You might be a person that does podcasting and the only chance you might have to do a podcast is once a week. It’s your duty to do that podcast once week. For someone in the world needs to here the message and it might be the very message that helps them to go through the day.

Where you are right now might not be ideal or it is but know this, you can pull through it. Know that you are there because long ago at the beginning of time, when the stars and constellations were set in place, you were chosen for this very moment. Do what you are required to do, do you work, do you’re writing, do your singing.

Just like the stars which were created to speak the glory of God, to help us tell time and navigate.

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