My Message To God

Hello God

I knew you in my earlier years when life was but a dream. I heard you clearly and you comforted me. You gave me strength and hope. You walked with me and held my hand so that I wouldn’t stumble.

Since a child I have had many enemies but they were no match against your presence. God, you would fill fear into my enemies heart and scatter them every time I was in enemies presence. You were my great warrior who walked beside me.

My thoughts and dreams would come to pass and anything I asked you provided. I would speak a word and the word would manifest.

Now I barley hear your voice, now I have a family and I’m desperate. Now my words fall to the ground without producing its fruits. Now Confusion and Fear have taken over my dreams. Now my enemies mock me and dare to run into my presence instead running from my presence.

I still have hope. I still fear you alone, and not my enemies. I still believe in your power. I still have faith that I am your child. I still have faith that you walk with me even though I don’t see, feel, or hear you. I will not let my circumstances determine my type of relationship with you, for this is a new level of faith and higher maturity I am walking into.

I still remember your promises and the covenant between us. Your Word states that you remember your promises and covenants and I shall remember them as well and keep them in my heart. I love you God and I know you live me too. No other man or women can love me the way you love me.

Soon I will walk in power, a greater power, a higher level of power according to your will and my stage and position in life. God you never let me down, although I have let you down many times. You never turned your back on me, even though I turned my back on you many times. Every time I hurt you, God you still excepted me with loving open arms.

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