Love is Life, Life is Love

The love of life is equivalent to the fight of life. You must fight to endure meaning, you must live to expand purpose. Why do we choose to stay stagnate and lazy in our present moments that are so precious. It is because we’re stuck in a time warp of fucked up illusions of fear and failure. Your body has been, like an animal, conditioned to conform to our own life of pity and laziness. The body has been fed, given a bed to sleep in, pampered by emotional feelings that only stroke the ego of conformity.

I say to you rise up and charge at the enemy of gluttony. Charge at it with so much force of focus and speed that you can tell of your next five move ahead of it cravings and delusions of false attempts on your body. I say rise up and take charge against the ferocious looks and annoying chatter of the masses that believe their advise is supreme and all powerful, in reality they’re stuck as much as you are. I say take head on fear, the ultimate enemy of mankind. Fear stunts you, makes you weak, freezes you to do nothing. Fight fear with love, with love of life, love of mankind, love of courage, because love is life and life is love;

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