Living For Glorious Moments

As much we desire to live high peaks of life, for longer times than mere moments. Life is a progress and it’s takes traction to reach high peak moments, in the early stages to gain momentum. We can live in high peak moments in intervals, every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you desire too. There are many different ways to reach these moments. You may create, on command, feelings of bliss by your emotions to recall moments of ecstasy to help you reach great moments in life; Or you can create events that give you these same feelings/emotions to reach the state in life that you desire. We are all so different yet the same.

In order to encounter awesome moments in your life, building and charging up for those moments are essential. what is it in your life, that you need to perform to experience sublime moments in your life? Is it writing 1,000 words each month, to complete a book at the end of the year? Is it eating the right way and exercising for 3 months, for a fit body? Is it working on your new business for 6 or 12 months to see any return on investments?

We all want glorious sensational moments in life, however almost no one, in the beginning, is willing to go through the trials and errors to get to those precious moments. The best part is that you don’t need to be a movie star, celebrity, or some mogul to experience high points in your life. We were all born with the same light within, given by our divine Creator, and it is up to us to release the light, that can gives us our hearts desires. Maybe we were not all born with the right circumstances, yet we were all born with the same breath of life given to us, and it is up to each individual to realize our their potential. Because no one will tell you your true potential, potential is drawn out from within, from the deepest and mysterious part of your being. Deeper than your body, mind, and soul. Deeper than your relationships, and deeper than your job, deeper than society. Let me go ahead and tell you where your potential is, it’s located within your being, it’s fluid, no chains can bind it, restrictions don’t exist for it. The Spirit is where potential lies and waits for it to be awakened and released into a world that’s need more individual that are willing to make history and not recreate it.

Where are the days of old
The flaming heat has gone cold
Again I must seek ethereal in quarry
And create new days of glory
Yes follow this nonmaterial ointment
Prepare today for the preeminence moment

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