Life and Fear

Don’t you wonder what life would be if you would live life without the fear of criticism, scolding, and evil looks by the idiots around you. Please allow me to mention that this life is as fragile as a thin piece of glass that falls on the ground and break into many hundreds of pieces, although life is also lucid and fluid has water being pourd onto your hands and the water slipping through your fingers and any gap where the water can escape.

Fear makes life shatter like glass, fear makes life escape from its destiny like water escaping from your hands. Fear is the enemy of every man. Fear distorts your decision making ability and blinds you from experiencing hope, joy, happiness, and ultimately love.

Fear made me go on a continuous search for the meaning of life so I wouldn’t miss out on my destiny. How foolish I was, I was too busy trying to find the meaning of life instead living my life.

Live life to the fullest without fear bearing down on you! Do this by living in the moment!

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