Higher Growth Through Appreciation

In order to appreciate something, you need to appreciate it from a stand point of a higher or lower degree. For example, if a man lives a lavish life, he can appreciate his position by becoming aware that there’s other parts of the world, continent, country, state, or city where people live in conditions that no man should live from. The lavish man can appreciate his life style and become aware on how to help his fellow companion, called man. The opposite is also true, someone living in the slums can appreciate someone that lives a lavish style, because in his position he can achieve everything and lose nothing because there’s no truss to stop him, only the one he sets for himself. Start today to appreciate the things in your life, like your spouse, children, your career, your business, your siblings, parents, your neighbor. On the other hand, at times, physically positioning yourself in different areas can really make a difference, e.g.; standing on top of a mountain, walking through a trail in the forest, climbing a pyramid, or moving to a different area of living.

Appreciation is vital in order to achieve a state of humbleness, while it leads growth in life, spirituality, love, relationships, and income. Without appreciation, people lack the ability move forward and upward, and people tend to stay in the same place in areas of their life.

At times, in our lives, we need to humble ourselves to receive different perceptions in life, in order to get to higher degrees in life. Then again people who choose not to grow, expand, and continue moving tend to stay in the same places for decades, literally. People refusing to grow, stay in jobs for more than 10 years, they take the same route for work, they eat at the same restaurant , go to the same vacation spot, and remain with the same high school/college friends.

While an adolescent, I could not grasp why people whom graduated from high school would return back to the school and commune with students and old staff from the school district. This experience baffled me, I would tell myself, “Geez these people must of lost their glory as soon as they graduated from school, and are trying to relieve their greatest years in their life”. I also told myself that as soon as I graduated from high school I would leave, and I did just that, I left to a different state, thousands of miles away. This movement was one my greatest decisions I made in my life. When I moved I met many people from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and moving opened my eyes to the greater possibilities a man can live on this earth.

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