Good Advice VS. Bad Advice

A man is happier when he lives a simple life of his own choices, and avoids following the choices made by corrupt men. You need not to seek advise from men that flash and roar from their false success or glorious vanity. Remove your ears from the voices that scream “success is this way, success is that way, success is over there!”. My fellow brother, success is yours to choose, from own heart. Also, a man is moving forward and achieving success when he’s not hanging out with men that are constantly doing wrong activities. Men of wrong doers are constantly in trouble with the law, instead of being liberated and helping their brother, men of wrong doers are chained and locked up. Same thing with hecklers or mockers, they are in everybody’s business instead of their own. Poor souls, help and build up your brother with words of encouragement and inspirations.

It’s good to follow good advice, even if it is from a book, as long as it gives you peace in all your worldly activities. Look for a mentor in your lifetime, follow someone that has wisdom and knowledge about life and daily living. It’s easy to find a good mentor, look at his own life; what has the mentor achieved and where is going? Asking this, former, question will guide you into finding a good and correct mentor for you life. There might be days where you might need advice on a daily basis, or repeat consecutively the same advice to yourself daily until it becomes one with you, in your heart. Time is the price for anything to be known and become second nature in your being, even if its reoccurring advice you receive. Having good advice and good judgement by your own heart can set you free from bondage of bad men, in the world. A good heart trained by good morals and customs by love will liberate you from all evil doing, even from death. A good heart is life saving. Now this doesn’t mean you’re a weak man or not a tough man. A good heart represents your character to act with righteous authority and make strong decisions in your life.

Receiving and being open to good advice is like a being mountain that never fades or flinches at the lighting and thunder storm that passes upon it; A mountain that never bends or bows at the view of the water tides that crash into it because it’s foundation is unshakable. A heart with good advise is like a water well that everyone can come to and receive life giving water to quench many years of bad advise, a water well that can change broken hearts instantly.

On the other hand, men that live by bad advise are easily identified by their actions and daily living. They are seen and despised, their inner fire burns hot and instantly burns out until it is wax cold. The only reward for men with bad advice is living in the moment with their regrettable actions and a life of consequences. Accepting bad advice sets traps before you. Although good advice removes traps that have been set before.

Good advice watches over your decision in you daily living, and even when you sleep. The decisions you made in your life, by good advice, will pay off many times over because good advice is life giving, while bad advice is breath taking until death.

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