Flashes And Mirrors In The World

I lived for the past ten years believing gurus and their ways, believing teachers of many teachings, believing so called holy men but in the end none of the things they taught brought me closer to God. This brought me many sorrows of depression and anxiety, for days, months, and years.

One thing I have realized is that there’s no time of prayer that can bring you closer to God, there’s no amount of money that you give in order to get receive a blessing from God, there’s no amount of fasting to persuade God to reveal himself. God has his own timelines and seasons to do things and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only trust his sovereignty.

Be careful of the flashes and mirrors in the world. Live your life to the best of your ability and trust the sovereignty of God. We as humans are ever changing, constantly forming and transforming more and more into our life journey we walk on daily.

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