Find The Mysteries

The world is a great place, and only those that get to understand its powers and nature force of all life forms will an individual get to experience life to the fullest. You see there’s many things that we don’t understand, and the only way to understand is by discovery.

Unfortunately the human systems, governments, schools, parents and friends, don’t have any clue how this world works; And we have been strayed by the all former. Fortunately, each individual has a choice, a choice to choose life and its riches and its glory. This planet has secretes, and we as spiritual beings have secretes, and the constellations have secretes, and its up to you to find these mysteries and apply them in your life.The way to find these mysteries is by, you got it, searching them because no one is going to hand them out to you. The only thing i can do an as a writer is to encourage you and motivate you to search and seek and grow as a human and spiritual being in this planet.

The following is a list of subjects that every individual should begin looking for and find how they operate, which lead to finding mysteries:

  • The mind
    • Conscious and Unconscious
  • The body
    • Nervous system
    • Body postures
  • The Soul
    • The 5 Senses
    • Beyond the 5 senses
  • The Spirit
    • The untapped potential
    • The oneness in all of us
  • Language
    • language patterns
    • Sounds
  • Imagination
    • How create images
    • How to create sounds
  • Hypnosis
    • Altered states

You may always go to the Buying Catalog of this site, view the books I have read and currently reading to start your journey on finding mysteries. Send me a message, whenever you may have any comments.

My heart screams for attention
My mind always has something to mention
My soul what other secretes are beyond my senses
My Spirit is ready at the threshold until it liberates

The human system is blinded and far from munificent
Answers of higher properties is the way of convalescent
High, low, crossing invisible lines through many histories
Find the mysteries

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