Fear Not Your Enemies

Enemies are the reflection of your good deeds and success. Enemies will shout the loudest and use vain words to try to make a point against their victim. Enemies will roar from a false stand point and declare your fall: “You are finished!”, “I will testify against you!”, “I will accuse you of what I saw!”, “Who will save you now?”. People whom are in opposition towards you can help you recognize the level of your growth, and they should not be feared although embraced with love accordingly.

The ethereal divine Spirit can not be seen with eyes of flesh or felt by physical touch, and ethereal divine Spirit can only being seen from within another spirit. Spirit to spirit is the communication. Many people refuse to see and are blinded and drunk from the vanity of this world. We that are spiritual being were made out of love, and there are certain attributes that can not exist or commingle with love, like: hate, accusations, pride, slander. The former, attributes, are the dangers while becoming someone’s enemy.

The great Spirit is like fiery shield to those people that stay in Love, and love their enemies instead of hating them. The great Spirit lifts people, whom are love, up high above all danger as they are being accused and slandered by their enemies. Someone whom is in the position of Love, simply cry out to the great Spirit and the great Spirit comes down from the highest of highest, from everlasting to everlasting, with shield and sword to defend his loving creation, from all enemies.

An enemy is always in a state of panic and anxiety because his time is short which is why he tries to be swift on taking out the innocent. On the contrary, the innocent is able to sleep in peace and in a state of serenity because he knows, in his heart, that a greater power is for him, and the Spirit is always watching over him. It may be one or one-hundred enemies, the number does not matter, the great Spirit will give the innocent victory over the enemies, no matter the situation because the innocents’ trust is in the immortal, ever living, Spirit.

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