Failure builds Character

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I just failed an exam for a third time, and I feel nothing. No emotions or hate. It’s a blissful feeling, after I have let out all my frustrations and turmoil after my two attempts of the exam I took, a requisite for a personal goal. Failure is no longer affecting me. I am at peace and will continue moving forward. Even when the people around you keep pointing the finger on you, telling you that they were right about your failure and unsuccessful attempts, all you can do is move past their negative accusations.

I’m in the edge of life, I can lose everything and yet I am still here writing, not giving a f#€¥ because writing gives me peace and it focuses my thoughts. Writing sharpens my awareness.

This failure has created some type of stoicism attitude. I feel nothing, I didn’t express my failure to anyone and I did not complain to anyone. It’s just me and my expanded awareness and I feel empowered. I feel empowered because I went through the process of studying and taking the exam, and that to me is success and a win on my list. What we call failure is nothing but an illusion, created by society and loved ones, and illusions can be deprived from their powers.

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