Extraordinary Gifts Meanwhile Living Your Destiny

Dreams of future events, one of many gifts, are inevitable once you start aligning with your destiny in life, along with other psychic like phenomena.

Many people seek for these gifts as if they were gained by practical steps which to some extent it may be done, although not as successful as with aligning with your destiny in life.

There’s countless books on psychic powers or abilities but the best way to learn these powers is by personal experiences from life events. Books refine your abilities but the biggest secrete of all is that you already have all gifts of the Spirit within you. The way I personally found my gifts, mainly discerning energy and manifesting dreams, is by living a life of altruism and helping others with their journey in life, together with aligning my life with my destiny; By being a person at the hilltop, with a torch in hand, and pointing to all those who see, towards the direction of Mind And Soul Freedom.

In this life, there’s a truth although the majority do not like, which is: Only the solitary will find the Truth and freedom in life. That being said, life is an individual journey, and it is only when you walk this road by yourself, will your special gifts and talents will unfold.

For many years, I never knew what my destiny in life would be. Then again, if you pay attention, to the divine nature of the supreme creator of all things, everything you ever need to know is right in front of you:

Come to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you.

For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest.

The gospel of thomas

I had several experience of prophesies that changed my life style multiple times. To give you a more personal experience, for example, as a teenager I went to a religious event and a lady that I didn’t know came up to me and told me certain events that would take place in my life, meanwhile I didn’t think much of it at that times, little did I know that I was living the prophesy years later. It wasn’t until I had flashbacks of the prophesy that I realized that you have to acknowledge your destiny in order to manifest the gifts. Once you recognized your destiny, you don’t have to labor and toil for your extraordinary gifts, little by little will the gifts begin to manifest. Consequently life becomes richer, healthier, glories, and enjoyable.

Today not tomorrow, yesterday wast too late
Recognize your destiny now, before you abhor
The life that was given to you prior to innate
By the divine nature of the creator
Extraordinary gifts are manifest in serenity
Meanwhile living your destiny

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