Discipline Paves The Way

The hardest thing to do when you’re down and broken due to life struggles, discipline is paves the way out of any troubles. It is hard I understand, when you got bills, a family, small children, pressure to satisfy the loved ones that depend on you. I get it, fortunately there’s power within each and everyone of us, unfortunately almost everyone is not aware of their potential.

It takes a person that has had enough of their struggles, someone that recognizes and becomes of aware of the powers within themselves, and cultivate the discipline in order to realize their potential. Breath life into your discipline and actions!

Are you willing to do what you need to do in order to ascend to the next level in your life? Ask yourself, I’m living the best life I should be living or I’m I walking out my destiny and purpose?

Everything starts from the top, in other worlds from higher realms of reality, in this case from the spirit world. I’m talking about your mind and the thoughts it entertains. You need to cleanse your mind and spirit of any thoughts of defeat, lack, fear, anxiety. So how do you cleanse your mind and spirit? First of all you don’t fight these thoughts head on, you must transform your thoughts by willfully putting your attention to its opposite counter part, the thoughts of victory, fullness, courage, sound mind.

Discipline means building your dream even though you’re tired of the grind, even though you’re backed up on bills, even though life seems to be against you. Let me tell you something, if you refuse to bend at the sting of your struggles and continue with discipline, there’s always hope on the horizon!

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