Deceiving Eyes And Souls

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Constantly feeding the eyes with images of woman or men going won’t uplift you to your next level in life. Neither is scrolling through dating sites is going to find you the right partner, if you are only choosing someone by the caliber of their beauty and not their spirit. Man (or Women) don’t you know that coveting is blindness to your other abilities of the mind!

Beware of flattery, fluttering of the eyes, compliments of your strength, for these are are words of bondage that lead you to the slaughter house, where part of your consciousness is taken, part of your character is compromised, and part of your soul is taken.

How I sympathize for Men that are allured away by beauty. If they only knew that they could take back their power by not giving it away; you are in control and you are fully conscious to make better decisions. You don’t have to chase beauty, riches, and fame therefore beauty, riches, and fame finds you when you are fully conscious.

The majority will ignore this message, many will get offended, and only a handful will understand it. Fortunately, the few will move to a higher awareness to understand that pleasures of the flesh is a lower state of living and living as a Spiritual being is a higher state of living. How do you live by the Spirit? First of all, you see with your fleshly eyes, although it’s important to decern by your Spirit.

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