Dangerous Arts Of Man And The Children Of The World

The dark arts and magic are not to be practiced or consulted with. Unless the mercy of God is upon you, there will be consequences.

The heart deceives men and women into the trap of the occult, due to jealousy, envy, hatred, lack of money, power, etc. How foolish to worship an image or to give perishable gifts to statues that have no life. Even greater danger comes when there’s covenants and contracts involved, for the soul is tarnished and marked until payment is due in the afterlife.

Beware of the Gurus that belong to this fallen world, who claim to be god. These men and women gurus give false signs and wonders through powers in the air, deceiving the children of the world and the Elect.

There’s an evil unseen kingdom and an ancient prince of darkness whom has declared war against the children of this world because the prince of darkness time is short. The prince of darkness goal is to destroy the image of God by having the children of men to act in rebellious behavior towards the creator of the celestial bodies and all things under the sun.

Beware of these men and women who practice deceitful arts through the evil kingdom. They come illuminating in false light to entrap you from the freedom that Most Hight has freely given you through His Son, Yeshua Hamashiach.

Be in Peace in freedom with boldness and courage!

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